Shaping the Lets Do It
 for a next game changer.


With the spirit of 'Let's Do It'
we support your businesses.

Since our founding, our driving force behind the continued development of all our services is the Cacco Evolutionary Purpose (EP), "Shaping the “Let‘s Do It” for a next game changer". In today's rapidly changing environment with the spread of the Internet and smartphones, companies will decline if they remain in the status quo. We want to break out of this Japanese economy, which has been in a period of low growth since the 2000s. With this strong desire, Cacco provides services that accompany companies in the areas of big data and algorithms with a "Let‘s Do It" spirit of challenge and drive. We support innovation in society by removing stereotypes and pioneering systems that pursue efficiency and problem-solving.

About us
Shaping the “Let‘s Do It” for a next game changer.

Pursuing new value
as a game changer

We draw from the realms of big data and algorithms to extract the decision-making ingredients in business decision-making. Our experts visualize the prevention of Internet abuse and the provision of systems that can be used continuously, as well as the discovery of current issues and the prediction of future environments. We analyze big data and turn it into easy-to-use algorithms for people who previously had no idea how to handle data. We also continue to be a game changer ourselves, pursuing new values and services.

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Fraud Detection Service

With the expansion of the domestic BtoC-EC (e-commerce for consumers) market and the expected further expansion of cross-border EC, unpaid payments, fraud, and other irregularities are also increasing and becoming an obstacle to improving profitability. Fraudulent logins and remittances at financial institutions and major membership sites are also becoming a major problem. As fraudulent methods evolve and individual responses become more difficult, we use our unique logic to detect abnormalities and fraud based on the "behavior" of users, and can flexibly respond to new methods. We provide fraud detection solutions that can flexibly respond to new methods.

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Service 02

Payment Consulting Service

Payment infrastructure is a key element of EC construction, but simply offering a menu of payment methods such as credit card and deferred payment not only fails to satisfy consumers, but can also put pressure on the profits of EC businesses due to rate issues and increased non-payment. We provides consulting services on the introduction of your payment menu based on our expertise in the e-commerce business, and make proposals to maximize both consumer satisfaction and profits.

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Data Science Service

Our goal is to realize a society in which everyone can solve problems and create greater opportunities by utilizing data science techniques such as probability and statistical analysis, mathematics, and machine learning. Discovering indicators and materials for decision-making that directly lead to the achievement of goals and actions to solve problems. Visualization that intuitively makes sense of large amounts of data. Optimization to meet various managerial constraints and maximize efficiency. Automation of routine tasks and reporting. We provide services that make it simple for anyone to understand the results obtained from data science and take the next action.

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Let‘s Do It
to make the world a better place.

We will continue to take on challenges with people who are willing to take on the challenge of making the world a better place, people who are sincere in their desire to work with companies and contribute to economic development together, and people who share Cacco's driving force. 。