We would like to thank all of our shareholders and investors for their continued understanding and support of our activities.

"Shaping the “Let‘s Do It” for a next game changer."

This management vision (Cacco Evolutionary Purpose) expresses our desire to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy and the world together with people and companies that challenge themselves to make the world a better place.

At the time of our founding, there was not yet as much fraud in Internet transactions as there is today, and there were no fraud detection services with sufficient functions. We predicted that in the near future there would be a wide variety and vast amount of fraudulent activity in all transactions utilizing the Internet, including e-commerce.In June 2012, we released "O-PLUX," a fraudulent order detection service, to protect the market from such threats and realize a world where everyone can trade with peace of mind.

Almost 10 years later, fraudulent activities are occurring in various transactions via the Internet, and the methods are becoming more complex, as well as evolving and expanding further. We anticipated this situation early on and "O-PLUX" has been developed to adequately respond to evolving threats, and as a result, it has been rated No. 1* in terms of the number of installations in Japan.

In 2016, after the release of "O-PLUX," we continued to evolve in response to diversifying social needs, such as the release of "O-MOTION," an unauthorized login detection service that detects unauthorized logins and access to member sites for Internet banking and ticket sales based on operational and terminal information.

As a company that creates new value through security, payment, and data science technologies, Cacco will continue to strive to realize its Cacco Evolutionary Purpose and to continuously increase its corporate value.

We sincerely appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement.

Cacco inc.
Representative Director, President
Hiroyuki Iwai

*Number of paid fraud detection services installed on EC sites in Japan, according to the "Survey on EC Site Fraud Detection Services" conducted by Tokyo Shoko Research, Inc. The survey was conducted as of the end of March 2023.